HOME OFFICE: an imaginative studio in a jungle garden


For many, the notion of a little, bright white studio 

tucked into their garden 

is pretty high up on the dream list. 

And if you are one of these dreamers,

have a look at this imaginative studio 

built into a jungle style garden in leafy Brisbane.


“The artist’s world is limitless.

It can be found anywhere,

far from where he lives or a few feet away.

It is always on his doorstep.”

— Paul Strand


Designed by Marc & Co Architects

in conjunction with, and for, their clients,

the stylist team Indigo Jungle,

the geometric studio was built in the front garden

of Indigo Jungle's owner Vanessa Cribb. 


Built from simple materials, the exterior is painted deep blue

with strategically placed windows to provide

views onto the garden,

while low-level windows allow light to illuminate the floor

without providing glare to computer screens. 


Zig-zag bracing is expressed internally,

with clever shelves running between the vertical angles,

and fold down desks adding extra desk space when required,

while the exterior cladding is cut into zig-zag lines to create cohesion

from interior to exterior. 

It's rather clever,

and I imagine it's a marvellously illuminating place

to be creative. 

Images from Marc & Co and More Margie.