Architectural Bravery :: The Cliff House or Casa Brutale

casa brava.jpeg

Imagine a house, overlooking the Aegean Sea,

with a swimming pool for a roof,

and entirely carved out of the cliff face. 

Constructed simply from the ancient materials of concrete, glass & timber,

and the raw perfection of steel. 

It's not hard to picture James Bond sleuthing up to a sexy

piece of architectural imagination this slick.


The roof becomes a dappled-light ceiling,

with the moving water casting dappled shadows 

on the dynamic spaces below. 

pool 2.jpeg

Entering this hidden labyrinth of simplicity,

one leaves the vista of the ocean for seconds only, 

before re-engaging with it through floor to ceiling windows

overlooking the big blue Aegean sea.

So where is this magnificent building, 

and who is lucky enough to call it home?

It's Nowhere and Nobody's, just yet. 

Because it is the architectural imagination of Netherlands-based OPA,

who have dreamt up this ode to Brutalist simplicity,

hopeful that Somebody will build it Somewhere

Let's hope that happens Soon

for more details, check out OPA's explanation here