An espalier lemon hedge and other lovely things...


It's hard not to be impressed by the cleverness of an espalier hedge,

especially when the plants hold delicious edible treats like lemons.

And if the espalier hedge becomes absolutely one

with the rest of the garden, 

looking as if it just belongs, 

then it's especially clever. 

Yesterday was Day 1 of the much loved Garden Design Fest

weekend of open gardens here in Melbourne, 

and this was one of two gardens which I saw in the late afternoon.

In a leafy street of Balwyn, the garden is a marvellous example 

of verdancy - because the almost-overwhelming shades of lush green

speak volumes of the TLC that must surely go into the care of this wonderful place.


Raised beds of Corten steel held happy veggie seedlings, 

enjoying the gentle spring sunshine.


The productive garden is separated from the pool terrace

with this curvaceously carved tapered hedge of Pittosporum. 


They embraced the iron water tank as an element of sculpture, 

placing an urn next to it as a focal point. 

It gave the garden a very "grounded" feel - this is a practical garden, 

as well as a beautiful one. 


It's a stunning melange of verdancy,

a play on colour especially,

and a wonderful example of working with contrasting leaf shapes & colours

as a means to create vibrancy and life in a garden. 

If you are in Melbourne this weekend, 

and have a few hours to spare, 

do consider popping along to one of the 28 open gardens on display

for Garden Design Fest.

Details are here.

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