How to Clean a Diamond Ring...

A sparkling diamond is a wonder to behold,
so what's the best way to make a diamond ring shine in splendiferous glory?

As long as you use a very soft brush (a super-soft toothbrush is ideal)
then any of these methods will give fabulous results.

(It's important to use a soft brush to avoid scratching the metal setting.)

And best of all, you can use ingredients which you probably already have.

Make up a mixture of one part ammonia (just the ordinary kind from the supermarket)
and four parts warm water. 
Soak diamond ring in mixture for no more than 10 minutes,
gently clean with a soft brush, dip back in mixture for a quick swirl 
to remove any loose particles, and rinse well in water. 

You'll need to soak the diamond ring for a bit longer,
but it will still give great results without the overpowering odour of ammonia.
Soak the ring for about half an hour in a mixture of mild dishwashing detergent
and warm water, before gently cleaning with a soft toothbrush.
You may need to repeat the process - but soaking won't hurt the ring.
Rinse this with warm water to remove the residue of the detergent.

Use a good quality, known brand name and follow their instructions.

Definitely the most fun! And the most decadent.
Soak the diamond ring in a glass of neat vodka until it sparkles.
All by itself - no brushing is generally needed.

And of course these methods can be used to clean any diamond jewellery too,
not just rings,
but if other softer gems or pearls are part of the piece,
ammonia should be avoided.

And toothpaste should never be used because it can scratch the more
delicate metal of the setting.

Do you have any other fabulous ways of cleaning a diamond?

cover from saturday evening post 1958 here // diamonds images from here