Waking up to a bird's eye view, in a hotel amongst the treetops...

Imagine a romantic weekend, just for two,
snuggled up in a luxurious treehouse,
sipping Champagne,
high amongst the treetops of a Swedish forest...

Your view from the window in the morning
would be across tall birches and pine trees,
filled with woodland birds and animals.

You will have stayed the night in this mirrored box,
held aloft between the trees like a thought bubble captured in the moment.

Oh, there's a tree in the room!

This really is a treehouse, just in case we forgot for a moment.
But with beautiful linen on the bed,
and underfloor heating,
this isn't quite the tree house of our childhood.

After breakfast of food grown in the nearby forests, farms and streams,
your morning will be spent luxuriating in a steam bath,
before deciding how to spend the afternoon.

Perhaps reading a book on the deck of the treehouse,
sipping on local cider and nibbles?
Or if you are feeling more energetic,
perhaps sea kayaking on the Lule River,
paddling upstream before lunch served by an open fire,
then paddling back downstream to your Tree Hotel.

Back to your mirrored cube treehouse for a quick rest
(admiring how cleverly everything fits into a cube which is 4 x 4 x 4 metres),
because tonight, in the beautiful light of Sweden's summer evening,
you'll be going on a midnight horse ride
through the forest,
and nourished part way through the ride with a welcome feast
of waffles with cloudberries and cream.

Well, all that activity will make us hungry, right?

 Waffles with cloud berries and local cream.

And as you settle into your mirrored tree house later that night,
watching the midnight sunset fall across the woodland,
you think to yourself, 
it really is a wonderful world.

Would you Like to Stay Here?

The Tree Hotel is located at Harads, Sweden and is composed of a group of tree houses,
designed upon various themes…with names like The Bird's Nest, The UFO
and the Dragonfly, you get the picture of the type of imaginative architecture involved.

For details go here.