Stone walls, timber lined ceilings and split level spaces in a Mid Century Modern gem :: Would you Love to Live Here?


There was some pretty fabulous architecture going on in 1975,
and amongst the year's offerings was this split level ode to modernist principles,
filled with daylight from the big window walls
and crafted with natural materials of stone and timber,
as was the style of the day.

It was originally designed by Hassell & Partners
(so, as my previous employer, I have to admit a soft spot for the house),
but has been extensively renovated by the current architect owner,
with a rather cool collection of Mid Century Modern furniture & colourful artworks.

Random stone walls, so central to the Mid Century Modern style,
create so much beauty that they really are an artwork themselves,
especially when the stonework has such glowing colours as this example.


Modernism released us from the constraints of everything that had gone before with a euphoric sense of freedom.

— Arthur Erickson


The kitchen is absolutely in the centre of the plan,
between the "formal" and "informal" living spaces,
in a typical U arrangement…a layout much favoured by the Modernists
for its efficiency and ease of use.

While it's a layout that is quite different from today's open plan
kitchen as part of the living space,
this is a floor plan which works really well for the cook,
because there is plenty of bench space as well as storage.


Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.

— Frank Gehry


The bathrooms have been renovated with the spirit of the Mid Century Modern style,
without literally replicating it.

Materials focus on organic textures : stone & timber,
and the lines are rectilinear & simple.

The house is currently on the market,
so any Mid Century Modern purists will no doubt lust after it,
should the location suit.

Assuming you have a little under $2 million to spare,
would you love to live here, in a Mid Century Modern gem?

Property location : 14 paratoo rd aldgate south australia.  
For more details on the sale, go here

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