A very glamorous new book for those with a Passion For Vintage Fashion :: Vintage Girls….

As a young girl, I would sometimes explore my grandmother’s wardrobe to find her treasured 1940s and 1950s beaded handbags that had travelled with her from Italy to Australia.

I had no idea what vintage was — all I knew was that these bags were the most glamorous things I had ever seen and I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to wear them. By the time I was, they were too small for all the modern gadgets I carried with me: mobile phone, car keys etc. And so they remained safely tucked away...

I was yet to learn that they were irreplaceable, and I was too young to be sentimental about the past.

— Vintage Girls…by Nadia Barbaro


If you, like so many of us, admire vintage fashion,
(…the elegance, the swish, the detail…)
whether it is something you wear, or something you admire in old photographs,
have you ever wondered how you actually came to appreciate it?

Was it being given something by your grandparents,
or being influenced by a person of great style when you were young?

Nadia Barbaro wondered just how people come to have
a passion for vintage fashion,
so she decided to ask 8 incredibly stylish women
that very question.

And the answers have been compiled into a most glamorous book,
Vintage Girls,
which gives a charming glimpse into a world of exquisite workmanship,
delicate fabrics and the (almost lost) art of keeping things.


Things were built to last and were worn for years; people valued the construction and fabric of a garment and gently mended anything that needed repair.

— Vintage Girls…by Nadia Barbaro


Apart from the sheer beauty of quality fabrics
and generous cuts which allow clothes to sit elegantly,
I think one of the reasons I love vintage fashion is because I want to preserve
and protect these lovely treasures made at a time when disposability
was an unheard of concept.

It's a thread which runs consistently through Vintage Girls,
as each of the 8 women are asked what & why they collect,
and whether the current questioning of disposable fashion is influencing
a resurgence in vintage wear.

There are also fabulous tips on how to best care for the delicate vintage pieces.

The women interviewed range from the ballet dancer Juliet Burnett
(Australian Ballet), to the costume designer for the Mad Men series, Janie Bryant,
and between them they represent different countries, ages and professions,
so it's a fascinating collection of interviews.



The author of the book, Nadia Barbaro, is a Melbourne based fashion stylist & creative director,
working in television, print and online media.
Her own love of vintage fashion was sparked by her grandmother's stylish clothes,
and she is keen to encourage the younger generation to hunt out unique pieces
which "carry with them their own stories and memories".



The book is available in a limited edition hardcover version,
signed and numbered by the author,
and also as an e-book. 

You can order either version here.

Do you love vintage fashion,
either to wear or to admire,
and if so, what (or who) sparked your interest in it?