Blue and White China grows up…

While hunting for interesting pieces to use a console in a project,
I came across this little blue and white dramatic beauty.

It's not for the faint-hearted…more of a "look at me" piece…
But it is absolutely stunning, and would look amazing in the right setting,
perhaps in a hallway painted gold, with black-stained parquetry flooring.

A lot of people have a soft spot for blue and white china
(me included) but I love that this gives it a more edgy edge….
quite literally, with all the ups and downs,
but also in a more general sense…by using an old fashioned pattern
and reapplying it into a more geometrical shape.

The undulations are accentuated with mirror
(look carefully and you can see it on the verticals).

And the sideboard opens up to reveal a golden interior.
Drawers clad in gold leaf and shelves of bronze glass.
Well that does it…it's just too fabulous.

Each piece is made from hand painted tiles,
in the traditional Portugese manner,
so if you don't fancy blue and white, you could have ruby and white,
or copper-brown and white.

Of course, if you are the type who likes to pop a thousand items
on top of your sideboard, they may all go topsy-turvy.

But with a sideboard this beautiful,
it needs nothing more than a good light cast above it
to bring out its full gorgeusness.

They are made by the Portugese based Boca do Lobo.
For more details go here.