House of Fairytales :: bringing to life the imagination of Hans Christian Andersen...

Imagination seems the perfect vehicle to bring the magical world
of Hans Christian Andersen to life,
in a new museum, surrounded by a fairytale garden,
to be built in Odense,
at the author's birthplace in Denmark.

To find the most imaginative, most magical, and most adept
design for both the museum and the gardens,
the Odense City Museums held an international
competition, drawing ideas from varied sources,
and encouraging ideas which used new technology
to tell old stories.

I adore the notion that instead of a dusty old museum,
the brief was to create a place of wonder and curiosity,
to embody Andersen's love of story in a garden
and building which personify imagination.

These are some of the designs….

 First prize winner

 First prize winner

 First prize winner

With such a plethora of detailed entries,
it's no surprise it was impossible to pick a single winner.

So instead, three of these ones above shared the honour.
(So I'm not sure how they are going to work out which one to
actually build.)

I do think, though, that Hans Christian Andersen
would be delighted that such a tribute to his own world of imagination
is being built,
as much for adult's delight as for children's.
Because it strikes me that sometimes, it seems,
fairytales do come true.

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