Would you like to live here :: contemporary drama & scale...

A wall of sheeted bronze: vertical junctions.

A facade of concrete blades: vertical elements.

A tangled mass of sculptural succulents in the foreground: organic texture.

This is architecture playing with form and line in controlled tension.

It's a most fascinating house: a confident and bold use of materials & scale
to create a building of timeless dramatic beauty.

It's currently for sale, so let's have a look to explore
if it's a home you may like to live in...

Shall we see?

The extreme dimensions of the cantilevered blades
create tension and anticipation at the entry.

The bronze sheeted entry wall reveals nothing
of the interior within.
It increases the anticipation and sense of curiosity
as to what may possibly be hidden behind such a dramatic entry.

This is architecture at it's most playful and most serious:
all at once.

And when the front door is opened,
this is the view which greets the visitor:
a series of cubed shapes, each defining a function.

The atrium works as a light well to bring daylight through
the 3 levels (including to the basement level below this one).

Some of those "cubed shapes" which are visible from the entry
reveal themselves to be undercover alfresco living areas.

The kitchen is all simplicity : a white box with no handles to disrupt the eyeline.

Overscaled forms, simplicity of line
and natural finishes continue into the main bedroom's
dressing room and en suite.

Nothing here is on the small side.

And what lives in the basement?
A swimming pool….resplendent in midnight blue tile
with black-tiled blades to gently reinforce the notion of the blades
on the facade.

While the scale, at 1250 m2, is no ordinary house,
and would require a small army to clean and maintain it,
the architecture's boldness more than matches the scale here:
creating a controlled tension of line, and form,
resulting in a building that is as dramatic as it is timeless. 

Would you love to live here?

property location :: toorak, melbourne // architecture by jolson // agent details here