BIO :: 10 fabulously glamorous things to pack for a {cruising} holiday...

So you've just won tickets for a 7 day cruising holiday. 

Just you and your partner. 

But there's a catch.

You are only given a bag with space for 10 items.

The staff will be handing you a separate bag with essentials
(toiletries, lingerie, etc.).

It's hard to whittle the favourites down to just 10,
but if I had to, this would be my list:

A long black dress for evening and a printed black and white for day,
a red & gold handbag,
mid height heels from Melissa because they are unbelievably comfortable,
yet glamorous,
Aesop geranium leaf body balm (there is no substitute),
a swimsuit because this is, after all, a cruise,
and I am thinking yachts…
the never-leave-home without red lipstick,
and perhaps the most important last 2:
a sense of humour and my handsome husband. 

Which doesn't leave room for perfume or jewellery
…oh dear, it's hard to be so minimilist.

If you could only take 10 items,
what would they be?

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