Sunrise over Pt Leo beach:: the sparkled sunshine of a new day….

If ever I feel like a burst of extra sparkle, a walk on a beach at sunrise will do it.

And yesterday, being a public holiday here in Melbourne, meant we could set the alarm for an absurd hour, so that we could catch the magical sparkles of sunrise reflected in the gentle waters of Pt Leo beach on the Mornington Peninsula.

The tide had brought so many treasures from the ocean floor, a mélange of colour and texture.

I would have eagerly brought some of them back to arrange in bowls, but my husband said: 

Respect their home, leave them where they belong.
If everybody took shells, there would be no sand.

So, muttering about the problems of having such highfalutin morals,
(and reluctantly conceding he was actually right)
I simply photographed them, to capture their beauty in a more fleeting form.

A boat, once loved, lay abandoned on the fluffy sands.
Who once owned it? Where had it travelled? What was its story, I wondered...

And as we left the gently lapping waves of this little beach,
heading to Merricks Post Office for breakfast
of house-made cherry jam on toasted sourdough and strong coffee,
I reflected on the magnetic power of a beach as a place of renewal.

A walk on the beach at any time of day seems to inspire people.
But a walk on the beach at sunrise? That's the sparkled sunshine of a new day,
full of new possibilities….