BIO :: Creativity…and how I find it when it hides...

It's the first Tuesday of the month,
which is the day the BIO group of bloggers pen our thoughts
on a topic selected by our thoughtful leader: Marsha from Splenderosa.

The gist of today's topic is truly delicious,
because it is about Creativity. How to find it. How not to lose it.
Ways to/I stay creative.

And I rather suspect that's something which strikes fear
into any of our hearts
at some point or another. 

Because it's such an intrinsically human trait.

I mean…don't we have to be creative to survive in the world?
To be able to creatively manage our place in it… adjust in relationships, with give and take,
to make them work…
…to constantly reinvent ourselves to suit changed environments…
…to creatively adapt to new ideas, new concepts, new fashions?

It's no wonder we sometimes worry we may lose it. 

But as somebody who works in a creative field…namely architecture & design…
it's both a question which I frequently get asked and it's also
an absolute pre-requisite for being able to function each day.
So the option of losing creativity isn't really an option, if you know what I mean.

I'm keen to read what the other BIO members will write about
as to how they keep their creative spirit alive,
because I suspect the way we each do it is influenced by our choice of profession,
which is (hopefully) a good match for our personalities. 

Now in my case….I can honestly say that the well has never run dry.
But I think that's because early on in my career,
I realised that I needed to be constantly thrown in the deep end,
so to speak, to be constantly challenged, having to learn new things
and making sure that I never got too comfortable or arrogant.
It's the reason why I like to create buildings which are not of the same style.
It keeps me on my toes and the adrenalin fuels the creative process.

As the 20th century social psychologist & philosopher Erich Fromm noted,
"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."
And I think it's that leap into doubt…into the unknown…into new knowledge
which best fuels creativity. For me, at any rate. 

So whether letting go of certainties is learning a new language,
exploring a new culture, trying to work out what an artist is trying to portray,
listening to music which is of a different genre from one's usual repertoire,
reading a novel written in an odd writing style,
or designing a building which is unique to the owner's personality,
I think it's about moving outside of one's comfort zone.

And that seems to fuel the creative juices.

But over to you…do you find yourself to be more creative when you
are IN or OUT of your comfort zone?

And after you have pondered…do jump across to see
what the other BIO members have penned here.