What does the colour of your car reveal about you?

Let's have a little fun…is there an association between the colour of car
people drive and their personalities? 

What colour car do you drive and why did you pick it?

Was it because you love the colour, or for a practical reason?

We recently purchased a new car,
to suit our changed city lifestyle, as I mentioned here
and there was much discussion & debate as to the colour.

Having had black cars forever (loving the chicness of them),
the immediate thought was to get another one.
But as we have just been through the hottest summer
Melbourne has ever had,
jumping into a hot black car wasn't fabulous,
so thoughts turned to alternatives...

In the process of deciding, I did a little research into car colours,
and what each represented…it was all rather fun…
Have a look at this slideshow below to see if you agree.


Oh, and for the record, we ended up buying a car in cool pearl white…
which you can probably tell from the bias commentary on the slide show!
And so far, I'm loving jumping into a car which is cool
in the hot Aussie sunshine.

(Of course, come winter, I may live to regret that decision…) 

But tell me your thoughts…
what colour car do you drive and why?

all image sources here