A House in White :: simplicity, shape & structure on display

Favoured by the Modernists of the early 20th century, the choice of white as the single colour on the exterior of a building can create an aesthetic of calm, as it does in this house by Tom Kovac. White allows the bold simplicity of the structure to be fully revealed.

The facade wraps and winds on the site, creating a sense of movement….like a white serpentine…That arresting, textured facade is made from diamond-shaped zinc….reflecting the brief by the owner to make it look like an armadillo….Oh, it does….mission accomplished…like the most elegant white armadillo that ever was, really.

While inside, the serpentine curves create spaces which are anything but rectilinear...

This masterful play of sculpture and form is not new. In fact, it was built in 2000. It is located on the fascinating Kooyongkoot Road (in Melbourne) where houses with architectural integrity like to gather.

It isn't very often that a house this extraordinary comes on the market…which it has now…

And it isn't very often that a home with so many serpentine curves and delicious angles in its form gets to show itself off with nothing more than a dressing of white, allowing that simplicity of shape and structure to reveal its full beauty. 

For more details and images, if you can't resist, go to the agent's listing here.