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dream of the red chamber

Bowls of rich red…the colour of a summer-kissed tomato, filled with turmeric-yellow rice… …arranged, like bold water-lily flowers, on a sea of black.

It's striking, isn't it?

This is one of the contemporary artworks at the Chinese Museum, curated as part of the Literati exhibition: artworks inspired by the art of Chinese literature and language. Umm…so that would be art inspired by art? Yes indeed. From one medium to another.

dream of the red chamber artwork

The giant bowls of rice are made from paper… ..and just because none of us can resist the temptation to run our hands through the beautiful grains, the artist has thoughtfully provided a special "hands on" bowl at one end...

yellow rice artwork

It's human nature to touch things which are tactile, isn't it?

red bowls of rice artwork denise keele bedford

art notes

denise keele bedford dream of the red chamber

And it all goes to show that something simple can be incredibly beautiful, let alone providing food for thought.

The exhibition is on at the Chinese Museum until the end of March. Details here.

We went to see it as part of the Chinese New Year festivities last week, and were delighted to discover that the entire museum is filled with fascinating treasures. No wonder everybody has been telling me to go there for ages! But sometimes, we need an excuse to see the obvious, don't you think?

artwork: dream of the red chamber by denise keele-bedford all images taken by blue fruit