The Challenge of a 180 degree reverse turn….

One day, in a land far away in my memory,there was a little Candelabra.

It was a rustic little thing,bought many years ago from a charming garden shop called The Conservatory...

(Well, with a name like that, the garden shop would have to be nice, wouldn't it?)

Anyway…back to our story…. The little Candelabra was a faithful little fellow, never complaining when he was carefully packed in white tissue paper, and boxed amongst other treasures on the many moves he would make across Australia, from north to south, from coast to coast, always happy to be hung upon a wall, perhaps of brick, perhaps of timber, perhaps of stone, which would become his new home, from where he could snugly hold a pair of candles, casting a golden glow around him… a Candelabra is want to do.


But then, just as his life was looking settled and the world a tranquil place, (at least from the Candelabra's perspective, mind you) with his main purpose in life to hold the candles upright over the bar trolley, (in his new home which he loved so much) ….

….along came a heatwave….

candelabra with melting candles

And, try as he might, he couldn't quite keep his charges (the two white candles) from feeling sorry for themselves and getting the wobbles.

Every day of the heatwave, he gave his charges a pep talk, telling them they needed to keep themselves together… …But every day, they succumbed to gravity a little more...

candelabra with melting candles 2

Until, on day 3 of the heatwave, the charges cried "we can't stay upright any longer, we have to fall".

But still the brave Candelabra held on to them and said "I won't let go…I'll never let go of you…trust me". And they did.

candelabra with melting candles 3

And here he is now…that determined and brave Candelabra… Still holding on to his charges, still keeping his promise to never let go. The challenge of a 180 degree reverse turn hasn't phased him… he just holds on tight to his promise and his charges.

melted candle

And do you know…I just wonder if there is a moral in this story of the brave little Candelabra: that when life throws you a curve ball, an unexpected challenge, never lose sight of the original reason, the original promise you made to hold on tight to the purpose you hold dear.

***** This is a true story….ok, I may have changed some names so as not to embarrass the Candelabra… But he does sit upon my dining room wall, and he has been very brave during our relentless, ridiculous heatwave of a summer here in Melbourne. And the final result is far too fabulous to consider replacing the candles with some fresh, upright varieties!

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