If it's February, we better do some Februa Cleaning, but Glamorously, of course….

Did you know that February is named after the Ancient Roman ritual of Februa?

And what on earth, you ask, is the ritual of Februa?

Apparently it's a fancy name for Spring Cleaning…which the Ancient Romans had the good sense to turn into a party instead of a chore.

I think they were onto something there. Turning work into a game. (And several thousand years before Mary Poppins had the very same notion.)

And here was I thinking, all this time, that the reason why I like to get stuck into new projects in February is because it feels like the start of the working year proper. But nope, it must be those old gods at work, directing us to get our houses into order, because it's February.

I have to confess that February is one of my favourite months… I adore the romance of Valentine's Day for starters, which despite the commercialisation, still seems like a perfect excuse to surround oneself with heavenly flowers, plus it's my birthday month, so I'm a little bias.

And as one of the loveliest and most enchanting of all stones, how could one not love a month which features the mysterious amethyst?

february meanings

This glorious bracelet dates from the late 19th century, when amethysts (and the colour purple) were very fashionable & the stone was considered to represent wealth, opulence and good taste.

And while fashions have changed, I think this antique amethyst bracelet, or something similar as long as it's sparkly and purple, could look amazing worn with a simple little black dress, as a very glam outfit in which to do the ritual Februa Cleaning… better over-dressed than under-dressed, I always say.

doing the february cleaning

Is this the month you suddenly become inspired to do that "spring cleaning", of house and life, which always seems to come in a burst of motivation?

late 19th century pearl and amethyst bracelet