Hello: back again and so much has happened….

cheep cheep

Can hardly believe we are still in January, for in this month so much has happened, with innumerable trips back and forth between Adelaide and Melbourne to spend precious days with my father, who sadly lost his battle with cancer,  leaving behind a legacy of wit and wisdoms which will forever influence all those who knew him.

what wondrous life is this i lead quote

For a person who could find true beauty under every rock and stone, in every flower and sunset, in the words of Shakepeare and Banjo Patterson, in the notes of a violin concerto and in the carol of a murray magpie, in the sharp silhouette of modern architecture and the soft contours of ancient castles of his Scottish birthplace, and most especially, in the magnificent Australian flora and wild landscape of his homeland, my father taught me to look for the simple beauty which is all around us, every single day.

Be it a kind word, a quick smile, a flash of insight or a sharp wit, playing chess or debating economics, celebrating the speed with which the young generation processed ideas, reading a new book, discovering new knowledge or mastering a new skill, he always found the fun in life… After all, adversity is helped along no end with a healthy dose of humour… and it is a philosophy which served him well; allowing him to successfully change careers at 52, from public servant to farmer, which I wrote about here, and in a manner which makes one realise that one is never too old to learn new tricks.

"I have lead the most wonderful life, and if I wished for more, I would be greedy", he told me, and it's hard to think of a more philosophical approach to life and its wonders.

Perhaps it was all that time spent working in his beloved nature, be it on the farm, or later, in the garden in retirement, which allowed the wisdom of green thoughts to grow in the green shade….

And perhaps there's a lesson or two in that wisdom of Andrew Marvell's as well: to appreciate the wondrous life that we are each gifted, for however long it lasts.