A colourful apartment in Paris :: Would you like to stay here?

elegant apartment in paris

Some of the most popular posts on Glamour Drops are the Would you love to Live Here series. It's a chance to daydream for a moment… to imagine living in a home far different, perhaps, from one's own.

rue charlot paris apartment

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And if, as they say, travelling makes one appreciate one's own home through fresh eyes, which I firmly believe it does, then I figured that a new series looking at unique places to stay would fit in well on our Quest for the Pursuit of Glamour.

So to start…I cannot resist daydreaming of a little apartment in Paris, because my eldest son has just flown from the nest, on New Year's Eve, for a 6 month adventure on a university exchange there.

paris glimpses

And of course a mother's heart is never far from her child's adventures… so the daydreams of skipping off to Paris for the weekend keep drifting into my thoughts.

While perusing this fabutastic notion, I came across a website which specialises in accommodation in homes rather than hotels... ...but not just any properties… These are interesting, chic and somewhat eclectic homes which are then kitted out with luxurious linens, towels and toiletries by the organising company, One Fine Stay.

Each property is quite different from the next, and so far, they have apartments and houses in London, New York, Los Angeles and of course Paris…where my daydreams started.

paris green

There are some gorgeous properties on their site, but this one, Rue Charlot, in the colourful and lively Marais quite captured my imagination...

apartment in paris rue charlot

The freshness and energy of a little dash of colour, mixed with a background of oak timber flooring, concrete washed columns and soft greys with a just a touch of black for a grounded sophistication, and of course wonderful sunlight flooding through those skylight + clerestory windows in the kitchen...

…it's utterly charming.

So, back to my question to you… if you could jump inside a daydream…just for a moment, or even better, for a weekend, would you like to stay here, in this colourful apartment in Paris?

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