The freshness of a new month: January and its meanings….

january meanings

After what seems like an eternity, (but is really only a couple of weeks) it is quite wonderful to be back at work, with some exciting new projects to begin the year, and some fabulous major projects which are filling my head with new ideas.

And after visiting Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide, it is quite delicious to be back at home in Melbourne for the summer, just in time for the tennis which begins next week.

Speaking of beginnings…did you know that January is named after the Roman god of the doorway, Janus?

It seems such a perfect way to see the new year…as a doorway into a new start, a new opportunity.

Janus also symbolised gates, doors, entrances…the transition from an end to a beginning…. and vice versa: from the beginning to the end. Changes in general, really.

So it's also not surprising that the colour for January is the lustrous rich red of the Garnet, the birthstone for the month. Because red is the colour of life, of blood, of fire, of energy and of passion… those elements which are much needed to carry out the desire for change, for a new start.

red front door melbourne

So a red front door would have to be the perfect kind for this month, it would seem…

Is Janus the reason that we make resolutions each January? The reason why we feel inspired to make ourselves a little better, a little kinder, a little stronger and a little wiser?

pink door rene gruau from archdezart

If it is a month on which to reflect upon that which has been, and that which can be made better, I can think of no more powerful symbol than that of a beautiful doorway, perhaps old, perhaps new…but one which represents the transition of change.

A bit like ourselves, really, don't you think? Forever, one would hope, looking forward to the transition of change….it's the inbuilt optimism of the human race.

change quote

**** This post is part of the By Invitation Only series,a topic set each month by Marsha from the Splenderosa blog. January's topic is "changes: going forward".To see the other entries, jump across to her posting here.

garnet necklace // red door // rené gruau artwork