Christmas Windows: David Jones Sydney: Puppets and Pastels….

christmas window feast

christmas windows david jones

"Oh! Can we dash into the city to see the David Jones' Christmas windows? "It's a dreadful waste not to…" I added, while gazing at the glorious sunrise over Sydney's beautiful blue harbour and hoping that my husband would consider our wedding anniversary the perfect day to become bewitched by the magic of imagination.

"Whatever you like…today is your day," he replied, while probably thinking it wasn't quite what he had in mind.

q station cafe

You see, we were staying at the Q station, the old quarantine station at Manly which has been transformed into a hotel, and from our former dormitory (now beautifully attired) room, I could spy the harbour and the city…and was immediately overtaken with a notion to see what fabulous creations David Jones had placed in their Elizabeth St store windows to celebrate Christmas.

A short ferry ride across the harbour and a few minutes later we were standing in front of the old store, transported, as if by Christmas Magic, to the wonder of the world of puppets & miniatures...

christmas tree

david jones sydney christmas windows explanation

david jones christmas windows nutcracker

The nutcrackers marched…the teddies swung the bats and bowled the balls...

david jones christmas windows bakers

…while the pastry chefs almost fell off their ladders...

david jones christmas windows hot air balloon

They had worked little moments of retail history (like the introduction of escalators) into the window displays, encapsulating the whole display in a gentle washed-colour palette of purples, reds and aqua greens.

The hot air balloon symbolised air delivery by mail order… a little bit of historical license, (by not using a little plane) but why ever not, being Christmas and all.

christmas windows david jones sydney 2013 first mail order

christmas dance

The dancers at the ball twirled on their puppet strings...

christmas music

…and danced to the tunes from the suave little jazz band.

david jones christmas windows4

david jones christmas windows fishmonger

The bakers and chefs from the Food Hall could hardly contain their charges, for this fish flapped about and the sausages jumped around...


…while the conductor waved his baton and the choir choralled in joyous carols.

happy christmas flag

And as we left the glittering harbour city, bedecked in colourful flags to celebrate all the brightness of a summer Christmas, heading to our final destination of Peppers at Bowral in the gentle Southern Highlands, where we would celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary with a romantic dinner in the old homestead, we figured it truly is a magical time of year...