Reflections:: If you were to get married again, would you do it all differently?


Assuming that you are, or have been, married… but somehow the levers of the time machine had changed... and you had the chance to have your wedding again, would you plan it to be exactly as it was, or would you change it dramatically?

My thoughts on this were prompted by Coty Farquhar, she of the stylish charm, who asked a few bloggers this very same question.

And the answers were most surprising… for it seems that many of us would opt for something much, much simpler than the lavish, grand wedding which seems to have become so popular.

While a grand wedding is a day of delight and theatre, I do sometimes ponder just what else could have been bought with the large sums of money that young couples spend on their wedding ceremonies… With the average Australian wedding now costing $54,294 (according to Bride-to-Be magazine's annual survey), that's quite a bill for a few hours.Often, it seems to me, that the emphasis is now on the wedding and not the marriage.

My own wedding was actually a rather non-traditional affair… partly because my fiancé and I didn't have a lot of money… I was still at university and he had recently switched careers, but mostly because we wanted an impromptu feel to the occasion… rather than a formal sit down dinner… we wanted the guests to mingle freely at a Champagne Afternoon Tea in an elegant, glamorous setting.

These were my thoughts to Coty when she asked me if I would do it again differently…

reflections on a wedding

When I asked my husband for his own thoughts, after reading mine, he laughed at my "dessert island" (when I actually meant to write "desert island" but must have been hungry at the time of writing) and added that he thought getting married on a dessert island sounded like heaven on earth, and yes please, he thought that would be a delicious idea.

When pressed for a serious answer, he agreed that he too would opt for an understated version, either eloping or a little cocktail party in a garden.

getting married again

But my question to you is, if you were to do your wedding all again, would it be exactly the same, or would you do everything differently? And also, which weddings have you enjoyed the most as a guest: those which are simple or those which are grand?


And if you would like to read some very beautiful thoughts amongst the poignant answers in Coty's article, the link is here. (Starting on page 169, but the whole magazine is truly gorgeous.)