Jewellery reflecting the dramatic delicacy of the Australian bush :: inspiration from a red flowering eucalyptus…

red flowering gum blossom

pendant inspired by red flowering blossom

red gum blossom brooch by susan frisch

flowering-gum-jewellery pendant

eucalyptus blossom red

As an Australian, there is possibly no flower which evokes so much dramatic beauty as the glorious twirls of a Eucalyptus blossom. It isn't pretty, like a rose, nor is it dainty like a peony.

Instead, it is beauty of the bold and theatrical kind. The delicate stamens and the rich colours carry with them both fragility and strength, almost in an impossible combination, reflecting the very essence of the Australian bush.

Inspired by the colours and textures of this landscape, jeweller Susan Frisch creates pieces from sterling silver, stainless steel and soda lime glass which capture that delicious dichotomy of fragility and strength.

She is based in regional Victoria, so there is no shortage of nature's inspiration, but for those of us living in the cities, wearing one of her enchanting pieces would be a poignant reminder of the preciousness of that fragile/strong relationship, the lesson of which applies to so many things in life.

Susan Frisch: Flowering Gum series : details here // images of flowering gums in the royal botanic gardens by blue fruit

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