Glamorous Wallpaper with an Art Deco influence:: new collection by Catherine Martin

wallpaper glamorous mokum metropolis

When I was at Porters Paints last week (buying the most enormous tin of gold alchemy paint for the sitting room ceiling), they were showing me the new collection of wallpapers by Catherine Martin for Mokum Textiles, which has recently been released.

Obviously inspired by her recent work on the Great Gatsby, the patterning is deliciously deco, with the intricate Egyptian style lines and a colour way of gold, creams, black and silver.

wallpaper mokum metropolis limelight velvet

Being Mokum Textiles, the paper is thick and dense - which makes all the world of difference when it is hung. The thicker the paper, the more opulent the effect on the wall. It's also a lot easier to hang a heavyweight paper, as my wallpaper boys always remind me!

wallpaper mokum metropolis cabaret

Aren't the patterns quite wonderful? Very dramatic, and very sensual. Apparently this one (above), with organic patterns, was a favourite with females in the test groups.

mokum wallpaper metropolis linen

While this one (above), with the geometric patterns, was a favourite with the males. Most interesting.

wallpaper mokum textiles metropolis collection

This one reminds me of elements of Aboriginal dot paintings, and I can imagine it being used in a large variety of building styles, from very simple to very elaborate.

Oh, and as for the gold paint on the sitting room ceiling….ah yes, it's a work in progress that didn't quite get finished on the weekend, but I must say, it's awfully fun painting with gold…no rush involved at all...

details of the wallpaper collection here