Possibly the most expensive Christmas Cracker, and it comes with a What?….

Christmas cracker deluxe

Talk about taking it up a notch.

No paper hats or corny jokes in this bonbon.

This is, instead, an exceedingly cool Christmas Cracker. At a price tag of ₤250 (AUS$430), it may just be the world's most expensive version, but the contents are anything but ordinary.

They are designed for Martini Lovers.

Inside the silver wrapped bonbon lies a tiny artwork miniature of a diver with a toothpick, hunting the elusive Martini Olive in his pursuit of the perfect martini.

Crafted by the artist Christopher Boffoli, the miniature is intended to be kept, unlike the usual plastic toys.

And instead of a paper hat, it comes with a paper certificate, to be exchanged for a custom tasting at London's Connaught Hotel for the lucky recipient and 3 of his or her friends.

martini at the connaught bar

And what should be at the tasting? Why, 2 bespoke martinis for each guest, served with canapés and commentary, if desired, by the resident bar tenders of the Connaught Bar.

(I hesitate to call them mixologists, even though the Connaught Bar does, because here in Melbourne the term has been shaken, stirred and poured into a chilled glass, then largely tipped out in favour of the classic "bar tender" terminology… possibly a reflection of our egalitarian Australian attitudes perhaps…. But this is an ongoing discussion best had over a chilled martini, it would seem...)

So, back to our Martini-directioned Christmas Cracker, which sounds like a rather glamorous sort of a bonbon to me. And certainly a lot more elegant than the supermarket variety.

Would you like to find one of these arranged next to your plate on your Christmas table this year?

Details here.