The Glamour of Vintage Cars….

6 fabulous glamorous vintage cars

There have been but two fabulously glamorous vintage cars in my life: a 1977 Mercedes 450 slc, in slinky silver, which we reluctantly sold because her low-slung chassis didn't agree with the steep driveway of the house of the moment (a mid century modern stone and glass number) and a rather quirky 1955 Ford Zephyr in duck egg blue.

Resplendent with leopard skin patterned seats, we purchased the palest blue Zephyr from a priest in the country town of Rockhampton, and we loved that car, although it did entail keeping a hammer in the boot, ready to be brought out to give the crankshaft a gentle tap or two, whenever it played up…usually at intersections...

I'm dreaming of fabulously elegant vintage cars as we ponder which car to buy next, now that we are living in the city and mostly rely on trams and trains, leaving the notion of a car more as a means of weekend escapes to wineries and beaches.

Practicality will no doubt win out, but before it does, I shall dream of driving one of these fabulous 6 classic cars. Mercedes always seem to be on my list… there are 2 models here, but it's also hard to go past the masculine sexiness of a black Porsche, and the enduring style of an Aston Martin.

If you had to pick 6 of your favourite vintage cars, what would make the list?

images:: mercedes gullwing // borgward isabella // porsche 356 // aston martin // jaguar d type // mercedes 190 sl