Details: stained timber versus painted timber…

before and after stained timber versus painted timber

When I was hunting for the "before renovation" images for the Redcourt house which I posted last week, I happened upon this fascinating one of the great room, as it was in 2009, before renovation by the current owner.

It shows the extraordinary leadlight windows, part of the original house which has been retained.

But it also shows the difference in atmosphere to the room from changing it from stained timber (which I guess would probably be oak) to this dark charcoal grey paint finish.

The world is divided into purists who like timber with a clear finish and those who prefer it painted.

Me? I actually like both finishes - it depends on the context - and I regularly use both in my own work.

But back to this example. The grey has given the room a moody, contemporary feel. Which do you like better?