1st posy from the Spring Garden...

1st posy from the garden

It's very exciting to be able to pick the very first spring posy of flowers from my new garden...a bit of a motley collection... but luxury just the same.

spring posy

I'm still discovering what the garden has to offer, as it is our first spring in this house, so it's been an interesting reveal.

I keep thinking the house wants to be painted in shades of lavender and pale Ladurée green (with wisteria out the back and jacaranda out the front it's a garden-driven colour scheme), but am trying very hard to stick with my "no renovation for 12 months" policy. (It's getting very difficult...)

1st spring posy from the garden

And now that the spring garden has thrown up yet more flowers in the palest purple, blue and rich red tones, I really think it's trying to tell me something!