If you had a million to spare, would you pick A, B or C?

chelsea de luca jewellery

I have a question for you. One to think about, just for fun.

If you were suddenly given a million dollars (or pounds or euros or whatever) with the only condition being it needed to be spent on something glamorous, what would it be?

A) A fabulous house...a new one where you live or perhaps in another city, as a second home.

B) Travel... to exotic destinations, or chic ones, staying in unique accommodation or 5 star luxury hotels.

C) Lifestyle, meaning it could be divided up to cover restaurants, theatre tickets, music, art and so on.

Or, none of the above, but something else? I think it would be quite easy to go right through the alphabet with options. But I would probably go with travel...if it  had to be just one thing.

So tell me, which would you pick?

image: glam jewellery from the fabulous chelsea de luca