Beautiful even when Bare....cocktails on the terrace...

alfresco terrace melbourne

Can an alfresco terrace be enchanted even when not covered with lush leaves?

Can it still feel like a point of destination?

Yes, when the elegance of a simple design is laid bare, when only a few leaves of spring have appeared, it is easy to see how proportion and symmetry work together to create the sense of a "room" in this alfresco terrace.

simple alfresco terrace melbourne wire overhead

Painted steel posts and beams, stainless steel cables strung between them, in an uncomplicated design which mimics the painted brick house beyond...'s all that is required to define the space, to create a little magic...

It would be perfect for a twilight cocktail supper...

cocktails in the garden

With, perhaps, a glass of Corpse Reviver #2, the classic cocktail from the 1930s.

Combine equal parts of gin, Lillet blanc, Cointreau and lemon juice with a drop of absinthein a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

Strain and serve with a twist of orange peel.

vine covered brick walls alfresco terrace

And after a glass or two to chase away the chills of early spring, it would be easy to see the beauty of simplicity of this design, even while bare.

alfresco terrace // cocktail tray