Delectable Duet:: pink and orange roses...

delbard french roses in pinks and oranges

I had promised myself that I wouldn't touch a thing in our new house for a whole 12 months. No painting, no landscaping, no re-designing or decorating.

Just to see if I could do it.

Well it's been 6 months, and I'm getting twitchy.

And one of the things that I cannot help thinking about, is a decided lack of colourful roses in the garden.

So I am tossing up between planting a hedge of pink roses, or a hedge of orange roses, or possibly a mixture of the two, which would set off the original terracotta roof tiles to perfection.

Because there are so many fabulous varieties from which to choose, it's a little hard for somebody greedy for colour like myself to narrow it down...

But these glorious roses from the Delbard collection may just be the ticket. A little bit orange and a little bit pink. I have always had a lot of luck with the French roses... they seem to adore the Aussie sunshine. With perhaps a few David Austin roses thrown in for good measure.

david austin roses in orange and pink

Ah, decisions, decisions....

rami kadi gown

And while my rose hedge won't look possibly quite as striking as this amazing dress, by Lebanon based designer Rami Kadi, it's a good reminder of just how fabulous a duet of colour can look.

rami kadi blush gown

Somebody better warn the Iceberg roses that the painter's brush is on the way...!!!

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