A Persian Carpet Garden with Espalier Lemon + Pomegranate Trees....

persian inspired garden in melbourne with espalier lemon trees

persian garden lime green grey purple leaves with espallier lemon tree melbourne

I promised you some beautiful gardens...spaces full of loveliness and contemplation... from the recent Melbourne International Flower & Garden show...

And this glorious Persian Carpet Garden, full of contrasting leaf colours of purple, lime and grey foliage, with a backdrop of espaliered pomegranate and meyer lemon trees, was perhaps one of my favourites.... because not only is it full of deliciously balanced colour, it also creates a sense of simplified complexity  in what is actually a tiny space...

espaliered lemon tree at mifgs 2013

Espaliered lemons...but masses of them....not just one or two.... a real generosity by running them thickly across the perimeter fence.

Underplanting with purple foliage has created the contrast of colours, similar to a wonderful old Persian Carpet, after which, of course, this garden was named.

pomegranite espallier on fence melbourne

espallier lemon and pomegranite trees melbourne

Flanking the lemon fence is a pomegranate fence, espaliered quite happily on a simple timber trellis... the sunset coloured globes like jewels against the lime green foliage below.

edible persian rug garden design by rebecca heath

olive tree trained over pergola melbourne blue salvia

persian garden history

espallier lemon trees courtyard small space garden design at mifgs 2013 melboourne

species to plant in a persian inspired garden

lemon tree espallier mifgs 2013

The designer was Rebecca Heath...and it was constructed by horticulture students.

It was incredibly arresting....utilising contrasting foliage colours to provide colour and a sense of movement.

This rust-paint covered timber structure actually housed a small water jet, the droplets trickling their way down the twisted Spanish Moss vine into the bowl below.

Simple lines, moving water...an oasis of greenery in the city... truly as beautiful as a Persian carpet and containing all the magic therein, as good gardens can...

What do you think of it?

images :: blue fruit :: mifgs 2013