Lest we Forget….ANZAC day

dawn service shrine of rememberance

In that coldest hour, the one before dawn, we gathered on the steps of the Shrine of Remembrance, with so many others, this morning, on ANZAC Day...to remember those who have served, and those who now serve...those whose bravery is beyond my imagination...

shrine of rememberance melbourne

The Dawn Service is a humbling one...never an ode to war...but always a quiet, humbled reflection on how sometimes the very worst of mankind can bring out the very best of mankind...and this is the day for us Aussies and Kiwis to remember it...to reflect on it...and hopefully to learn from it...

memorial to raaf melbourne


anzac day dawn service melbourne

As the morning sky turned from darkest blue to palest pink...revealing the thousands of people who, like us, stood quietly...listening to the young voices reading In Flanders Fields and telling the tales of selflessness of those soldiers from 98 years ago, so very long ago...which could easily move into that shadowy world of history, to be forgotten...and yet they won't...because it is heart warming to see that in this young generation there is a sense of responsibility, of respect, of thought...

anzac day

So as I watched my own children walking home from the Dawn Service, young adults who have got up at 4 am every year of their lives on April 25, I reflected that in this generation, at least, there is no danger Lest We Forget.