Fabulous Entryways :: the glamour of a gold ceiling...

hand painted gold ceiing by sarah moffat in entry hall glamorous

chandelier gold ceiling

So far, in our Fabulous Front Entrance series, we have talked about the exterior. But how about the interior? That's as powerful an element in setting the atmosphere for a visitor to a home as the front door and its surrounds.

And because the entry is generally a room in which people pass through, rather than lingering in, it's a chance to inject some drama, even if you are not confident using it elsewhere. Have some fun. You can use elements that you may otherwise find too strong in a habitable room, in a bedroom or living room say, and really just exploit them to the maximum glamour potential.

And if we are talking glamour, which of course we are, here are some ideas for entry spaces using gold ceilings...

black and gold entry

Paired with black, the gold garners an incredibly moody atmosphere...

gold ceiling ideas for entry halls fabulous front entrance


It can be literal, as in gold paint applied to the ceiling (here in Australia I use Porters Paint Alchemy Gold paint which is the most fabulous product), or it can be much more subtle, as in a gold tone, rather than a metallic finish, like the entry hall in the bottom right - where the ceiling's soft gold colour echoes the golden tones of the japan-stencilled floorboards.

In my own new house, I am planning on painting the ceiling of both the entry hall and the sitting/library room in gold paint. After all, if a little glamour is good, a lot is even more magical!!!

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