Weekend Sabarite: Bon mots + Bonbons...

monocled_miss_by slim aarons 1964

There's something so incredibly indulgent about having the luxury of time on weekends; time to read and savour the more in-depth articles, instead of the cursory glances on a weekday. Time to spend with friends and family, to linger over pleasures. And time to oneself, to curl up for a few absorbing moments, to get lost in a world of thought, sparked by the joy of reading.  As our lives get busier and busier, those leisurely moments become more and more precious, but more and more vital as a balance.

If lying about and reading a few bon mots and bonbons this weekend is your idea of luxury, here are some ideas as food for thought...

  • You mean coffee table books may actually be worth something more than superficial prettiness???
  • Encouraging to know that philanthropy is evolving, not dying out.
  • Brighton House is a new residential project in Melbourne by that Sydney subscriber of glamour, Greg Natale.
  • Hotel design by fashion designers...is this how we really want to go?
  • The brilliant MONA gallery...and just exactly why it was imagined and built in Hobart...in the words of its founder David Walsh.
  • And if there's time to bake a little something after all that sumptuous reading, how about using the new season's apple harvest in this sumptuous apple cake.
 image by slim aarons, 1964