patterns in the garden...

35 moncur st woollahra criss cross espalier

Am forever on the lookout for ideas to work patterns into gardens, and while this style of living lattice is labour intensive and requires patience, it's all rather fabulous as a green background to what would otherwise be a neighbouring blank wall.

It would be especially wonderful if this were done with fruiting plants, like apples or plums. Or by using a fruiting vine, like a passionfruit, which would be far quicker. Pretty and delicious!

I planted a Meyer lemon tree against a sunny north-facing wall in my courtyard on the Easter weekend - the first step in creating an espalier fruit garden - so I am really hoping it grows because I can imagine picking fresh lemons for G & T's already....and it's fun to experiment with gardening styles.

image from house for sale recently in woolahra sydney, via