Clipped Imagination :: topiary in the botanic gardens...

Now that I no longer have my own large garden in which to gather inspiration,

I am having a very happy time exploring the beautiful parks which so 

abundantly abound in Melbourne.

And one of my favourites is the Botanic Garden,

and its many different sections,

each so varied from the rest.

Having spent some crazy hours lately working on a most exciting new house design,

a fabulously colourful 1960s inspired kitchen, a landscape design and several renovation projects,

(hey, who needs sleep anyway?)

there was a definite yearning to walk about a large garden,

and as the Botanic Gardens are so incredibly accessible,

the temptation to walk amongst its beauty proved too great yesterday.

And what should catch my eye but these fabulous topiary creatures,

forming a sentinel to the Children's Garden.

Wire shaped into animals,

with Muehlenbeckia Complexa

(also known as Maidenhair Vine and Wire Vine)

trained and clipped to fill the shapes over time.

(And as this kiwi plant grows so fast you can almost see it go,

it's a very quick way to create a topiary.

You need to have shears at the ready at all times though.)

Are the animals real or imagined?

That's the lovely thing - they can be either - depending on what you want to see.

Clipped imagination? Yes, perhaps.

But they also allow the mind to wander and wonder,

and truly, isn't that one of the magical things about a garden?

images :: blue fruit