Singular Beauty : a captivating front entrance to a Victorian Villa...

Any regular readers of Glamour Drops would probably nod their heads knowingly
when I start harping on about the importance of a fabulous front entrance to a building.
It's an element which I love discussing and analysing. 
So see what you think of this extremely arresting example,
of a contemporary garden entrance to a Victorian villa in Hawthorn, Melbourne. 

It has a singular beauty about it: a rather quiet reflective feel.
And part of that comes from knowing when to hold back,
when to keep things simple as a contrast to the ornate.
Like the contrast between the simple copper bowl 
and the fancifully ornamented wrought iron fence and pillar,
which leads the eye to the sculptural beauty of the lemon scented eucalyptus tree,
itself perfectly aligned on the eye's axis between open gate and bowl.

In fact, as this elegant home is up for sale, 
let's see what you think of the whole place,
because it is a rather interesting study of contemporary & heritage beauty...

And it even comes with a name, 
such a charming custom which I do so wish we still used for new buildings.
It's called Katoomba - and for me, that instantly conjures up the lushly green and beautiful town 
in the glorious Blue Mountains, of the same name.
Perhaps when they built the house in 1883,
and called it Katoomba, 
they had a vague premonition that Paul Bangay would work his 21st garden magic on the grounds
to create a garden which captures that elusive element of singular beauty.

Would you love to live here?