A Beautiful Garden in Sydney :: would you like to live here?

Whether formally or informally planted,
an avenue with an axis point at the end has a mesmerising pull on the eye,
drawing the visitor onwards and onwards to reach the centrepoint at the end.
And in this garden at Killara in Sydney,
set in no less than 3000 square metres,
there is plenty of opportunity to mesmerise the eye with its beauty.

Oh yes, the garden also comes with a house,
a little Federation number...

...with a double staircase,
complete with wrought iron balustrade
which is rather splendiferous...

...and a most fabulous verandah with vaulted timber-lined soffit.
(The perfect place for afternoon tea of perhaps Pimms and a passionfruit sponge?)
But let's go back to that garden...

Ooh - there's a moat around that centre bed!
Do you see it?

The garden has a Federation feel to it,
in that it uses asymmetrical patterns which are nonetheless cleverly balanced in proportion.
(Just as the turret is balanced out by the "weight" of the longer wing to the left here.)
So many lovely areas of the garden to explore.
What shall we discover next?

There... we found it!
The most glorious spot from which to admire such verdant beauty,
while resting for a precious moment.

Would you like to live here?