Rescue Me Please :: I'm 1950s with porthole windows :: What would you do?

This rather interesting little triple fronted, cream brick 1950s home is up for auction tomorrow.
And though I rather suspect the bulldozers will be called in, sadly,
it would be lovely to think that it will be rescued and reimagined for a new age. 

It got my attention because of the fabulous wrought iron staircase,
twisting and twirling in a voluptuous fashion.

I'm just itching to get my paws on that! 
New paint, new flooring, new artwork, new lighting all required,
but it's rather sculptural don't you think?

And those 9 porthole windows (from the front elevation in the top photo)
pop in to say hello in the dining room. 
Oh that is fun! 

A concrete parapet between the ground and upper floors picks up those nice horizontal lines.
And I think I spy a cocktail terrace - do you see it?

So, if this were your little baby, 
what you do to it to add glamour and oomph,
to make it a fabulous home?

location :: 7 page st kew melbourne