A Pool at Portsea? Laid back elegance by the sea...

Capturing a laid back simple elegance,
through the use of rustic pale materials,
and harnessing welcome sunlight,
through high ceilings and large windows,
this beach house at Portsea embodies the essence of simple glamour by the sea.

Charcoal, white and pale timbers sit so very easily in the Australian golden sunshine,
and form the perfect balanced scale to the impossibly large blue skies of the Antipodean.
This roof is particularly interesting,
in its velvety dark zinc finish,
creating a quiet timeless effect. 
Is it new, is it old? (Well, it is new of course - but it doesn't really matter. 
Because it isn't shiny new, it's softly new.)

A very large expanse,
without furniture,
leaves me curious as to this space. 
But no matter, because it is the architecture we are looking at here,
not the furnishings. 
It's the play of lines, of spaces, formed by an open mezzanine at the front,
contrasted with a lowered ceiling at the far end,
which creates an atmosphere of drawing one hither.

Surrounded by gently rolling hills,
clad with fabulously knobbly melaleucas,
the golf courses nearby are intensely beautiful,
an almost-tamed wildness, as the peninsula is.
This place gets under your skin, plays with your daydreams.
It is one of my favourite parts of Australia: this beautiful Mornington Peninsula. 

But back to our beach house.
And a beach house with a walk in robe sounds rather fabbo.
Think how many strappy sandals, elegant hats and glam swimsuits one could fit on those shelves!

Deep-set verandahs, 
to provide cool shelter from the sun in high summer,
an element which should be mandatory in this clime, but sadly isn't.
And a glistening pool, 
should the body tire of the sweet salty sea water just a hop, skip and jump away.

It's laid back elegance by the sea. 
Forget the maintenance of a weekender, just for a moment, to daydream.

Would you like to live here? 

property : 23 relph ave portsea