On the Market :: Hill House by Chenchow Little : A White Box amongst the Gum Trees

Chenchow Little is a Sydney based architectural practice
which continues to produce thoughtful residential designs.
And one of their works, the Hill House,
located in the glorious Palm Beach,
a rather lovely part of the world,
is currently on the market.
As is typical of their work,
sunlight is king,
and shafts of blue-sky seem to find their way into every single space,
in a sunny reminder of the emotional power of clear air.
Over-scaled window walls + massive sliding doors
milk the connection to the exterior.
It's a beautiful view by day...
... and a bewitching one by night.
High level, or clerestory windows, in the bedrooms,
from which to see the stars.
And the use of breeze block, which again plays with the notion of
voids of shadow and peep holes against the solidity,
echoing a pattern used throughout the whole design.
Quite different to their other work in many ways,
with a larger scale,
but carrying the same thoughtful design process of treating each plane
(whether floor, ceiling or wall)
with as much individual care.
Would you like to live here?
property location :: hill house, 60 bynya rd, palm beach, sydney