Moving House, Lifestyle + Possibly Sanity :: change in the air...

After a tumultuous year,
involving much navel-gazing and "what is the meaning of life" stuff,
as a result of the visits in and out of hospital to see my husband and father,
we decided to do the completely unstressful thing and put our house on the market
in the Christmas season.

Madness, really. 
Selling a house with 3 teenagers is an experience best left to the imagination. 
Suffice to say the 13 year old can now mop a kitchen floor like a deckhand on the Titanic,
and the older two have a new-found appreciation of the adjective "tidy" when describing their bedrooms. 

But, just as one chapter of our lives closes,
another adventure is about to begin,
because we are leaving the outskirts of Melbourne and gorgeous Mt Eliza
to move closer to the city.
We have swapped morning walks on the beach,
tennis in the garden, pool parties,
lunch at the local winery and cocktails on the cherry tree terrace
(serenaded by parrots and wattle birds in the gum trees),
for a city lifestyle of cycling to the park for a Sunday picnic of chocolate cake,
champagne + waffle breakfasts on the balcony,
strolling to the cinema + cafes around the corner
and catching the tram to galleries.  
In short: swapping the tree/sea lifestyle for the city one. 

And the delicious part is that the new owners are as excited about moving from the city
to have their own tree/sea lifestyle change. 
So it's all about mixing things up, I think. 
And being in the right place at the right time. 
This is where the children have grown up,
for the last 6 years,
and we have loved living here in such a glorious garden.
But the new chapter is calling, and I am excited to begin it.

And in the process, we are jumping in a time machine,
leaving all the bold glamour of the 1970s post and beam house which I so adore,
and speeding backwards in time to a very different era,
to a charming little Art Nouveau villa built in 1920,
the last years of the Edwardian era and just before Art Deco was to begin.

So I have finally worked out why Boxing Day is called thus. 
It'll be because we will be packing up boxes.
(And possibly boxing each other with the stress of it all...)
For in 3 weeks time, 
we shall no longer live in a 1970s Boldly Glamorous home,
but in a home with all the Refined Glamour of 1920,
and that whole new adventure shall begin...