How did it get to be Christmas already???

Now they say it is a sign of getting on in years, 
when one feels Christmas comes up faster and faster each time. 
But honestly, this year it feels like somebody has been tinkering with the clocks, 
because everybody seems to be caught in a whirl of wonder as to the speed of the season.

I feel exactly like this maniacal driver,
scuttling on two wheels,
with all the toys hanging on for dear life,
as she dashes off to sort out the Christmas shopping. 
Have bought lots of gorgeous books so far,
always my favourite presents to give and recieve,
and at least The Tree is decorated and twinkling.
But I do so adore this glorious season,
with so many excuses for catching up with friends to share a glass or 2 of bubbles,
that it would be very nice if that naughty clock-tinkerer could just slow down time.
Just a little. Just for December.

Would that be good or bad, do you think?