Fabulous Front Entrance :: Hedges of Scented Lavender...

Even though it only flowers in summer time,
I rather fancy this idea of a lavender hedge as a gesture of greeting by the front door.
It's a beautifully scented plant during the year anyway, with or without the charming flowers,
and how delightful it would be to brush against those aromatic leaves on entering 
this sunlight-dappled porch.

Of course, with a set up this welcoming, 
in this Victorian villa at Kew in Melbourne,
the visitors might not even make it as far as the front door.
They may, instead, be tempted to settle into those cane chairs and sip on lavender lemonade instead,
simply watching the bees on the flowers and the world go by on the street beyond. 
Come to think of it, I may do just the same. 
Another glass thanks Jeeves.....

property recently for sale at Kew, Melbourne