Elements of Glamour :: Stylish Dressing : The Cufflink

Now I don't know your thoughts on the matter,
but to me there is only one choice in cuffs for men's shirts as far as glamour is concerned.
French cuffs or forget it. Clasped with a stylish cufflink.
None of these button arrangements. 
Nope, it has to be the real deal. 
And these boys illustrate exactly why the French cuff, 
with an elegant cufflink, adds so much style to a beautifully cut suit.

My own handsome husband is helplessly addicted to cufflinks,
and has amassed a collection of over 70.
Mostly from antique stores, country fetes and charity shops.
As long as they are beautifully made, they catch his eye.
I love to see which pair he will select each morning.

And my 19 year old uni student son seems to have inherited the same love of cufflinks,
because he insists on wearing French cuffed shirts for speaking engagements and formal wear.
It looks SO much nicer than a buttoned cuff.

The choice of a French cuff with interesting and elegant cufflinks
can reveal so much about a man's personality.
With so little variation in suits, it's a tiny detail which punches above its weight in the style stakes.
So that's my thoughts on the matter.
Now over to you.

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