A Pool overlooking the Ocean in Mexico :: would you love to live here?

Fresh white sea foam crashing against rocks in teasing sea-kisses,
the soul-refreshing salty air of the wild, wild ocean below.
Can you imagine how energising a day would be if this were your morning vista?

A swim, a walk on the beach, then perhaps lunch of grilled octopus and lime salad on the deck?
Are we dreaming?

A dream-like house, but it's real enough.
And it happens to be for sale.
In Mexico, in Puerto Vallarta,
overlooking that extraordinary cliff below.
Casa Almare was designed by Elias Rizo Architects,
in a vision of lineal white simplicity and timber stripes.
No fussiness, just beautifully executed detailing and quiet finishes.

And always, from every space,
 that view, that view.

Would you love to live here?

property location :: casa almare, puerto vallarta, mexico
images & agents :: sothebys realty
architects :: elias rizo