A Tangelo Topaz Top Hat Cocktail? Um, yes please!

When Janelle McCulloch from the Library of Design
suggested I create a cocktail to mark each month's birthstones,
my mind started whirling with delicious potions.
Now, it never take much of an excuse to start throwing around delectable liquids
in my "is it cocktail hour yet?" mind.

So in honour of November's twin birthstones of Citrine & Topaz,
this is a seriously good cocktail with the same golden amber hue as the stones,
and a flavour to match the gem's reputation for fire.

Why St Germain? Well, the base of elderflowers makes it rather perfect,
because in flower language elderflowers represent fire,
just as the Topaz does.

The Drambuie brings in the sweet honey notes of warmth
and Grand Marnier adds a rich depth.

Of course, if you don't want you guests to fall about,
(because this is a heady mixture)
just tactfully place the soda bottle next to them with a gentle disclaimer.
We added varying amounts, and liked it with quite a lot of soda.
But then this is spring, 
and in the simply perfect balmy weather,
these delicious cocktails refreshinglly epitomised the warmth of a twilight evening in the garden. 


fred astaire in top hat via