Fabulous Front Entrances :: the wrought iron arch...

While it's out of current flavour,

(fashion being such a fickle thing)

I have always loved an arch doorway,

especially when used as a front entrance.

These gorgeous entry arches are clad with festively-ornate wrought iron doors,

marking the ceremonial entrance to the porch.

It creates that delightful in-between space,

neither in the garden nor in the house,

but a delicious transition between the two.

And while this custom dates from an earlier time,

being used as a screening device,

it's still a clever way to provide security while appearing welcoming, 

as well as a rather charming celebration of the entrance.

Where you live,

are these sorts of wrought-iron screened entry porches still used?

images :: 1: property for sale at 12 lansell rd, toorak, melbourne


wrought iron inspired gown

3: property for sale at 76 clendon rd, toorak, melbourne